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We always seem to want what we can’t have, right?  Well today I want a white living room. But I have three rowdy dogs and honestly, I spill a lot, so a soft, romantic, gorgeously monochromatic room is not an option.

gorgeous white living rooms

The light wood floors, the ladder in the background, the mixed seating styles… love everything in the white living room in the left (photo by Virginia MacDonald). And the simple elegance on the one of the right – so pretty! Info on the room on the right can be found here (warning, you’ll need a translator)

white livingroom white wood floor

So soft, so pretty! No clue of the original source, so if you know, please share! I found it on Pinterest. Check out that rug… distressed cowhide, maybe??  Looks like it has canvas stitching.

my shabby streamside studio white living room

If you love shabby chic and haven’t been to My Shabby Streamside Studio, go to it now. Right this second. You’ll fal in love! She has all sorts of stunning staged rooms and decor ideas like this white living room.

french larkspur white livingroom

Notice how there are no beagles in these photos? From French Larkspur. Also notice how all of the photos from this one and up has a chandelier or chic candelabra. I must hang one somewhere soon.

white living room monochromatic with stairs

County cozy with rustic accents and splashes of blue from Country Living; photo by Michael Luppino.

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