Wedding Wildflowers with Miriam Goldberger

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Please meet Miriam Goldberger, the incredibly talented author of Taming Wildflowers, who teaches gardeners how to not only tame wildflowers in the garden, but transform them into stunning floral designs. Below she shares her story of working with one lucky bride-to-be, and unveils the DIY wildflower arrangements that made this a wedding to remember. Thank you, Miriam!

Wedding Wildflowers - Miriam Goldberger

Last summer, I was honored to work with three brides seeking an affordable alternative to traditional wedding flowers. Taming Wildflowers profiles each of these three brides, their wedding styles, and, of course, their flowers. For now though, let me introduce you to Chantelle and her table arrangements.

In July I attended Chantelle’s wedding. I had spent some serious time with her, her sister, and the rest of her bridal party just days before the big day to teach them the basics of wedding flower design. We worked on the bridal bouquet, the bridesmaids’ bouquets, flower girl baskets, and the table arrangements.

A true country girl, Chantelle wanted all of the flowers to be rustic yet classy, vintage and very ‘country’. So we set to work. As a wildflower farmer, I had exactly what she needed to give her table arrangements that something special.

About a week before the wedding, we got together to make a few practice arrangements…

Wildflowers for country weddingWedding Wildflowers - Miriam Goldberger Wedding Wildflowers - Miriam Goldberger

Three hours later, they left the farm with ideas and sugarplums dancing in their heads (OK – maybe not that last bit but for sure they had ideas!).

The day before the wedding, they visited the farm again to gather a few flowers…

Wildflowers for country wedding

Or more than a few flowers…

Wedding wildflowers

The bride and her design team were now ready for the big day. Armed with the flowers and the knowledge, they created their very own DIY wildflower wedding. Using galvanized buckets, vintage steel milk jugs, mason jars, and more, they took it to a whole new level and decorated the venue (a family barn, how fitting!) with their unique designs.

And because I don’t want to keep you waiting any longer, here are a few of their creations:

wedding wildflowers rustic wildflowers for wedding country wedding wildflowers country wedding wildflowers wedding wildflowers colorful wedding wildflowers

I had so much fun working with Chantelle and her design team for this wedding and I know that every member of her team had an equally great time learning and designing the final showpieces.

Designing with wildflowers is easy, affordable, and the flowers are gorgeous! It’s not a well-known fact that many native wildflowers make great cut flowers, but they do and the results are stunning!

colorful wedding wildflowers

Learn more about Miriam and her work with these lovely wildflowers by visiting and reading her book, Taming Wildflowers!

Taming Wildflowers Book Cover

Photo credit: All final table arrangement photos by Nikki Heseltine Photography .

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