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A Grandfather’s Trash…

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I’ve always had a thing for anything old… vintage clothing, my grandma’s costume jewelry from the ’40s, Coke bottles with the original logo, and little treasures that I’d find around the farm as a kid, whether it was an old tractor part, an old log book or old worn-out pair of boots.

I recently fell in love with these two accessories – both from a jewelry line called Findings, that merges the old with the new… vintage buttons, lockets, keys, cameos and medals, pins and cuff links, paired with new crystal beads, pearls and embellished stamped or plated settings.

necklace with vintage army medals, military buttons and brass locker tagfindings bracelet with vintage buttons, vintage cuff links, pearls and crystal beadsAnd while I love wearing these two unique pieces, I’m determined to make some of my own out of pieces handed down from family members, baubles I’ve collected and other sentimental items.

My grandfather recently opened up his jewelry box and offered my pick of anything I liked…

Gappy's vintage watch, vintage cuff links, old locketIt’s true, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Or in our case, a grandfather’s trash is his granddaughter’s treasure. These forgotten pieces that Gappy hasn’t worn in years and years are something I’ll always cherish.