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Let There Be (Fancy!) Light

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Chandeliers are so in right now and I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect one for my bathroom.

After reviewing retailer after retailer, design blog after design blog, here are a few that wowed me — some because they’re so stunning, others because they’re so out there…

Pink chandelierPut your flowers overhead… more room on the table for your food!
Pink chandelier with flower vases, countryliving.com.


Bird cage chandelierSo simple, yet one of my faves. How sweet is this?!
Chickenwire and birds chandelier, chandelierswith.com.


Crystal art chandelierI feel like I may break this one just by looking at it.
Modern crystal art chandelier, contemporary-chandeliers.org.


Antler chandelierDeer antler chandelier from antlerchandelier.org.


Mason jar chandelierMason jars chandelier, BootsNGus Handmade Lights.

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My Haunted Door

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My door is speaking to me. It’s practically haunting me. 

It’s begging me to fix it.

Back in January there was an “incident” with the door… I slammed it while very maturely storming into the house from the garage after being extreemely right in an argument. Hence the slam, intended as a visual exclaimation point to my final statement of rightness. The problem was, the deadbolt lock was open, so the slam didn’t have quite the effect I was hoping for. Instead, it broke the door, the lock, and the doorframe. (So, I have a temper. And I’m strong.)

Six months later, here I am still with a broken door.

At first, I had gained an odd appreciation for the broken door because it was a daily reminder that thou shalt communicate in a more effective way and not throw tantrums like a spoiled child. But as time moved along, as did the very wrong person during that incident, I got lazy and never fixed it.

So, the door begs me to fix it – and this week, I will.

My inspiration…

Antiqued distressed door with jar of flowers

 From sweetyoungjourney.

Glass antiqued door knobs

Wooden door wirh antiqued doornob and hardware

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Home Sweet Home

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Dirt road through pecan field

This is my road home.

I’m lucky enough to call this gorgeous West Texas farm home.  It’s where my great grandmother made sacrifices for the generations after her. It’s where my grandfather was born, raised his family and has lived his entire life; it’s where my father grew up, and on the land to which he’s dedicated his life.

It’s where I was born.

It’s where I learned to crawl, it’s where I learned to laugh. It’s where I learned the difference between right and wrong, and it’s where I learned to love…

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