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What’s In Your Dog’s Food

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dogs at the river - nutritious dog food

Every time I hit the bottom of the dog food bag I head to Petsmart or Costco, and start reading through the labels… I check my phone for recalls, look to see how high corn is listed on the ingredients list and try to figure out how much of the necessary protein and nutrients my pups would be getting from each brand.

Spring Naturals provided these tips for deciphering and demystifying dog food nutrition labels to choose the best food for your dog, and they’re super helpful.
Here’s what they recommend:

1.    Determining what YOUR dog needs
Just like people, pets’ nutritional needs aren’t always the same. Monitor your dog’s general condition and temperament and take note of any variations in her daily routine. Is your dog sick, stressed, or prone to digestive problems? Be sure to bring these symptoms to your veterinarian’s attention and find out if a change in diet could alleviate them. Then, if you decide to make the switch to a different brand, mix the new food in gradually larger proportions to your dog’s current diet over the first six to seven days.

2.    Protein is the priority
Make sure the first ingredient is meat. Red meat, poultry and fish are packed with an abundance of protein which dogs require daily to thrive. When reviewing ingredients, it’s important to know that the way ingredients are listed directly correlates to how much is included in the recipe. So make sure meat and other healthy ingredients are listed at the top.
** And remember, corn, potato, soy, cottonseed hulls, peanut hulls, and grains are all considered inexpensive “fillers.” Continue reading


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With a pouty face that’s just too sweet not to share with the world, meet Karmi – my most lovable beagle bear with a personality that’s about 10 times the size of her furry self.

She has a fast-paced social life and enjoys visitors to the house, walks to the dog park, romping around with her beagle sis and  big furry brother, chasing lizards, standing guard over the house from her perch on the back of the couch, and snacking on the occasional poop nugget in the backyard (hey, no one’s perfect). Continue reading