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Whiskey Gets Frisky

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Whiskey has undoubtedly grown in popularity over recent months, even causing a shortage at some distilleries who are struggling to meet the demand. Maybe it’s that damn Fireball that always insists on making an appearance after midnight? Or perhaps it’s due to the new emphasis and loyalty to local and artisanal foods that has sparked this revived interest in the spirit.

“We are making more bourbon every day. Our warehouses are filling up with new barrels.
Waiting for the bourbon to come of age is the hard part,” said Kris Comstock, bourbon marketing director, at Buffalo Trace Distillery back in May 2013. “We just ask our fans to remember, aging good bourbon takes time, and we’re doing our best to keep up.”

Check out this cool infographic below for some whiskey facts, such as:

  • Whiskey is basically beer that has been distilled 2-3 times
  • A good bottle of whiskey could last up to 100 years without losing its taste

Facts About Whiskey


Blessings from Around the World

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Ralph Waldo Emerson_Prayer

Although I don’t pray nearly as often as I should, I remember my grandfather’s prayer before meals. I think these words will always be with me.

Dear heavenly father, 
We thank you for our lives, for this food,
And for our many blessings.
Be with us during this meal, 
And be with all of our loved ones.

family prayers

I found these prayers on canvas, that I think are a nice touch in a home like ours where the prayers are in our hearts, but not always said aloud. (Okay, and I admit the Jesus and germs one is not a prayer, but it’s cute and I want it in our bathroom.)

Clockwise from top left:
Irish blessing, from the Sew Loved Shop; Bless the food before us, from Little Life Designs; Wash your hands, from LaceyFields; Children’s prayer, from KinderType.

Bless this Food - ancient blessings and contemporary graces from around the world

I received this book the other day, Bless This Food: Ancient & Contemporary Graces from Around the World, which is filled with just that – beautiful family prayers and blessings rich in tradition from various cultures.

And while I’m not even going to think about Thanksgiving yet, fall is just around the corner and it’s a season that has a way of bringing families closer together and around the table for the comforts of a home cooked meal. So, although it’s 110 degrees here in Arizona and it’s hard to see the end of summer in sight, I’ll say one of these prayers tonight to wish the speedy return of nice weather when we can sleep with our windows open and go for long walks without being drenched in sweat in the first quarter mile.

“The occasional gathering for prayer, no matter how brief, keeps the heart and mind in touch with the most fundamental of joys: belonging,” says Bless This Food author, Adrian Butash. He selected prayers and blessings from all over the world, and from various religions and traditions, along with the work of great poets, thinkers and activists: Shakespeare, Milton, Gandhi and Mother Teresa, to name a few.  Below is a sampling of some of these works:

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Mini Succulent Party Favors

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DIY succulent favor - minu succulent pary favor (4)

I created some simple party favors for a friend’s baby shower last weekend, which doubled as place cards. I ordered the mini succulents from The Succulent Source, which has incredible customer service and delivered them sooner than they quoted – I love when businesses exceed my expectations!

mini succulent baby shower favors

Here’s how’s to recreate this cute DIY.

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