Superstition Church in Arizona

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We made a trip out to Canyon Lake in late summer and passed by this breathtaking scene outside of Goldfield, Arizona, near the Superstition Mountain Museum.

Superstition Church - texas farmers daughterElvis Memorial Chapel

Superstition Church AZ  - texas farmers daughterThe sky was incredible and we just couldn’t stop snapping pictures. The shadows on the Superstition Mountains were haunting.

Superstition Church - texas farmers daughterSuperstition Church - texas farmers daughterSteeple with clouds opening up - texas farmers daughter Since the chapel is near the Lost Dutchman Mine from the 1800s, I was hoping it would have some poetic history about miners and cowboy church or something like that.

Not so much.

Disappointingly, the chapel is far less romantic than it looks.  It’s actually a movie memorabilia museum that shows old movies once filmed in the area and Apacheland.

According to the museum’s site, the chapel survived a fire in 1969 and another one in 2004, and was taken down piece by piece, nail by nail, to be reconstructed on the museum ground.

Superstition Church - texas farmers daughter

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