Tiffany Blue

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turquoise and tiffany blue color pallette

My dream color palette for our home, and a few decor inspirations using this color:

tiffany blue dream office

This Tiffany blue office is a dream.. the wall, the rug, the lush chairs… WOW! Featured on Livinais, designed by Eva Designs.

turquoise wedding place setting

Turquoise wedding place setting designed by Rani Hoover Inspired Weddings & Events, with photography by Elizabeth Messina Photography.

tiffany blue infinity scarf

Tiffany blue infinity scarf from .

tiffany love rings

Tiffany L-O-V-E rings

turquoise stud earrings

Turquoise stud earrings from .

turquoise chevron print table linen

Turquoise and white chevron print linen napkins from .

tiffany blue wedding shoes

Tiffany blue wedding shoes photography by Stewart Leishman Photography.

turquoise kitchen

Turquoise kitchen featured on House Beautiful. Cabinet paint color is Benjamin Moore’s Hemlock.

Sprinklebakes orange blossom tiffany blue macarons

Sprinklebakes orange blossom Tiffany blue macarons

Decorative turquoise frame with magnetic boardDecorative turquoise frame with magnetic board from TFD.

turquoise chandelier necklace

Turquoise chandelier necklace from .

Turquoise Distressed Wood Picture Frame CollectionTurquoise distressed wood picture frame collection from TurquoiseRollerSet.

turquoise head band with rose Turquoise rose head band from JuliaSun.

Turquoise beaded leather boho bracelet by LH CollectionTurquoise beaded leather boho bracelet by LHCollection.

Turquoise poppy pottery bowlTurquoise poppy pottery bowl from MacryG.

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3 thoughts on “Tiffany Blue

  1. Susan N. Namazi

    Dear Farmers Daughter,

    I enjoyed viewing your post on Tiffany Blue. If I were to paint my wall Tiffany Blue, what is the color code for tiffany blue?

    thank you,


    1. the farmer's daughter Post author

      Hi Susan, thanks for visiting my blog. According to, it’s: #81D8D0. Happy painting!


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