Rustic Chic Christmas Decor

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We never got our tree or Christmas decorations up last year since we were gone the last half of the month, so we’re making up for it this year and getting it up tonight. Here are a few of my favorite festive finds for getting the house (and those of us in it) in the holiday spirit!

rustic chic christmas decor (4)

Grey, black and red plaid pashmina shawl from ; and Waldorf stuffed reindeer with white with red stitching from .

rustic chic christmas decor (8)

Faribault virgin wool buffalo check blanket and wooden crate from Kaufmann-Mercantile.

rustic chic christmas decor (6)

(From top left:) Fabric plush evergreen Christmas trees from knit baby cap and socks with jacquard merino wool from red rose floral crown from festive red and green moss felted acorns from .

rustic chic christmas decor (2)

Christmas tree cotton and burlap pillow cover from .

rustic chic christmas decor (5)

Mini Christmas tree with felted garland and snowballs from holiday reindeer stamp from .

Christmas Chevron - Dog Collar

Christmas chevron dog collar from .

rustic chic christmas decor (3)

Grey fingerless long mittens from .

rustic chic christmas decor (7)

Black knit okapi necklaces from holiday North Pool coordinates cotton and burlap pillow cover from .

rustic chic christmas decor (1)

Urban decay red door photo by .

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