Lovely Lavender

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lavender wedding sonoma_lavender_wedding_ktmerry_18 sonoma_lavender_wedding_ktmerry_20

These three lovely photos above are by photographer KTMerry, from a gorgeous piece she posted on her blog from a wedding shoot in Sonoma, California. Her work is stunning – you must check out her blog!

lavender table numbers for lavender rustic spring wedding

I made these lavender-themed table numbers recently for one of my favorite, most creative clients, Anna. She’s has a stunning rustic wedding planned for later this spring, and has an incredible eye for detail and tons of clever ideas to make her day extra special – from a s’mores table to not one, not two, but three wedding cakes! I can’t wait to see photos from her big day.

lavender bouquet

Gorgeous lavender bouquet from Hostess with the Mostess.

lavender wedding stationary suite


Lavender wedding stationery suite from Beacon Lane.

lavender wedding ballet flats


Lavender wedding ballet flats from Beholden Bridal.









girl holding fresh lavender flowers

Photography of girl holding fresh lavender wildflowers by Wildflower Tea.

Lavender honey cupcake recipe

Lavender-honey cupcakes – get the recipe >

lilac branch wreath

Lilac branch wreath from Sweet Paul Mag.

lavender cookies

Lavender cookies from Cinnamon and Thyme.

lavender field

Lavender farm at the Calwell Farm in Hitchin, Hertfordshire.

Dried lavender sachet

Dried lavender sachet from WildPlums.

lavender bundle

Dried lavender bundles from Dreamy Whites.

lavender bread

Lavender Banana Bread recipe from A Bowl of Mush.


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6 thoughts on “Lovely Lavender

  1. Connie Thaxton

    Lavender the most amazing flower and my favorite. I want to go to a lavender festival some day.
    I love bees, we used to have 100 hives, not scared of them at all, and lavender honey has the best flavor. Try some.

  2. James Lavender

    Hi The Farmers Daughter,
    I just stumbled across this and, I planted some lavender last year for landscaping purposes, this year its grown like mad, so I’d like to try and havest some for various recipes. BUT, the lavender is very popular with bees. There are TONS of various bumble and honey bees buzzing all over the lavender. I am petrified of Bees. Is there a good way to “scare” off the insects and bees, so I can harvest without having buzzing things flying around?
    I don’t want to use pesticides, as the lavender is lovely and ready to cut already. I just want them “gone” while i’m busy. They’re more than welcome to the leftovers. :P
    Catch you again soon!

    1. the farmer's daughter Post author

      Hmm… great question, but I wouldn’t have a clue what to recommend. Anyone else have a suggestion? P.S. I’m incredibly envious that lavender grows in your area. How fabulous!

  3. Shan

    Hi, just passing thru after looking at your mini cheesecakes. Thought I’d whisper in your ear hat the lovely redhead above is holding lilac. Lovely pictures.

    Lavender and lilacs are easy to grow by the way.

    Hope you have a wonderful growing season!

    1. the farmer's daughter Post author

      Thank you so much for visiting my site and for the nomination, Michelle! I can’t wait to learn more about this Liebster Award and get started!


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