Love in Black & White

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Couple kissing in the woods

Yes, I was that girl in high school with my room wallpapered with black and white Guess ads and Abercrombie bags. I still love it… some things never change.

black and white photo of man brushing woman's hair back

From Pray For Peaceful Dreams.

Couple kissing during Vancouver riots

Remember the June 15, 2011 riots in Vancouver after the Vancouver Canucks lost Game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals? Rich Lam of Getty Images shot this photo and I haven’t been able to get over it. See more of Rich Lam’s photos, including the original in stunning color.

couple kissing

From Bodies of Art.

black and white photo of couple kissing

From Hazel Loves Design.


One thought on “Love in Black & White

  1. fundusze akcji

    If I were to describe my wedding in two words: it would be a little bit vintage and a little bit rustic. This stems from my love of all things vintage (I have a love affair with the stories and people connected to the things of the past) and my groom’s love of all things rustic (growing up, he and his dad singlehandedly built a beautiful log cabin for their family). My dress, which I found on a black friday sale, is a Maggie Sottero lace gown in the most perfect of candlelight ivories. I like to refer to it as my nostalgic, prairie chic gown. It is beaded lace and hugs my curves to my hips then ends with layers of lace and tulle ruffles (an exact replica of my mom’s gown, which was originally my grandmothers it pretty much set the tone for the whole wedding!


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