Let There Be (Fancy!) Light

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Chandeliers are so in right now and I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect one for my bathroom.

After reviewing retailer after retailer, design blog after design blog, here are a few that wowed me — some because they’re so stunning, others because they’re so out there…

Pink chandelierPut your flowers overhead… more room on the table for your food!
Pink chandelier with flower vases, countryliving.com.


Bird cage chandelierSo simple, yet one of my faves. How sweet is this?!
Chickenwire and birds chandelier, chandelierswith.com.


Crystal art chandelierI feel like I may break this one just by looking at it.
Modern crystal art chandelier, contemporary-chandeliers.org.


Antler chandelierDeer antler chandelier from antlerchandelier.org.


Mason jar chandelierMason jars chandelier, BootsNGus Handmade Lights.

Barbie doll chandelierTotally normal.  An obvious place to stash your dolls.
Barbie Doll chandelier, nowthatsnifty.blogspot.com.


Wisteria Call to Dinner ChandelierWisteria flatware chandelier, wisteria.com.


Vintage pink chandelierI need this in my closet!  (But first I need a bigger closet.)
Vintage pink chandelier, deliciousdecor.blogspot.com.


Wine bottle chandelierWine bottle chandelier, hookedonhouses.net.


Modern white chandelierModern white chandelier, chandelierswith.com.


Rope and burlap chandelierUm, yes please!  Ain’t she a beauty? So natural, so understated. Perfect. Rope and burlap chandelier, farmerstrophywife.com.


Solar mason jar chandelierMason jar decor is so, so popular right now and I can’t get enough of it! Solar mason jar chanerlier from Treasure Again.


Shower head chandelierModern shower head chandelier, modern-interior-decoration.com.


Barbed-wire chandelierAnd here’s mine (awful photo, I know, I know) but believe me it’s gorgeous. It hangs above my front door, just at the base of the stairs. Barbed wire and crystal chandelier handmade by a sweet husband and wife couple in Cave Creek, Arizona.

The bathroom chandelier hunt is still on, but I’m inspired by these finds so far!

Oh – and BTW, this isn’t for indoors, obviously, but how gorgeous is this?!

mason jar chandelier tree lighting

Mason Jar Votive Candle Holders from The Efflorescence.

5 thoughts on “Let There Be (Fancy!) Light

    1. the farmer's daughter Post author

      Oh boy… Kristin, I have the artist’s info somewhere… Let me dig through the junk drawer in my kitchen tonight and get back to you. I know it’s in there!

    2. the farmer's daughter Post author

      I looked at the tag, and the designer isn’t listed on there, but I do know it’s an older couple who lives in Cave Creek. The tag says: “Enjoy your chandelier. The barbed wire is gatheted from ranches across Arizona. ‘Where eagles scream and catamounts squall, the cowboy home is the best of all’. Cute, huh? This rustic store sells their creations: http://valeriesfurniture.com/


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