Decorative Magnetic Boards

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magnetic burlap boardI’ve been getting crafty!

I’ve been wanting a large decorative magnetic board to hang above my desk in my craft room, so I’ve been experimenting by using different types of frames, trying out different colors and playing with different types of surfaces such as chalkboards and burlap.

As with most of my crafts, this one has gotten out of hand, but something good has come of it – I opened up an Etsy store, which I’ve always wanted to do – just to check it out and try something new!

decorative magnetic chalkboard

Decorative magnetic board Plus, those vintage brooches I’ve been collecting have finally come in handy – I’ve turned them into magnets!

So far I’ve made magnetic chalkboards, magnetic burlap message boards, and magnetic print boards. Check out Chloe Belle by Texas Farmer’s Daughter >

decorative magnetic boards

Magnetic chalk board with white frame and pink flowerMagnetic burlap board with green frame and peach flower

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