Cute Critters Sunday… I Just Can’t Get Enough

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How can you resist these sweet little faces?  I’ve had photos of baby animals saved up for years – some from friends, some from forward emails, some from the farm.  It’s time tp finally pull them all together here, so enjoy!

Cute critters: Baby hedgehog

Cute critters: baby bloodhound

Cute critters: baby javalinas

Cute critters: baby turtle

Cute critters: baby monkey

Cute critters: baby kangaroo

Cute critters: twin puppies

Cute critters: duckling

Cute critters: baby squirrel

Cute critters

Cute critters: baby hamsters

Cute critters: mom and baby monkey

More to come!  I have so many of these tiny (and some not-so-tiny) babies.

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