Cowgirl Chic

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cowboy boots and formal gown

From my style everyday couture, Emily Saska. I found this dress available in a variety of colors and it’s shockingly inexpensive for how high-end it looks pictured above. Check out the LeFemme Outlet site for this nude empire waist plunging neckline dress.

bottle with burlap and lace

From The White Rabbit.

cotton boutonnieres

From Southern Weddings.

flowered belt

Flowered wrap from True Rebel Clothing.

feathered chandelier

Feathered chandelier from The White Rabbit.

burlap and roses rustic bouquet

Rustic bouquet from Sparkle and Posy.

pink cowgirl hat

Pink cowgirl hat from Smyleebugs.

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17 thoughts on “Cowgirl Chic

  1. Cassie

    I am wondering if you could tell me what store or website that you purchased those fabulous boots from. I’m in Canada and they don’t sell anything a wonderful as those boots here! ha ha Thank for your time and the wedding is so beautiful!

  2. Brooke Pierce

    Hello, I am really big fan of your website and I am absolutely in love with this dress. My proms coming up and I really wanted a dress I could wear with my boots. I know this was posted over a year ago but if there was any way you could ell me find it, it would be much appriciated! Thank you! :)

  3. Sally Althaus

    Hi! I’m really interested in this dress but I cannot find it anywhere :( could I get a link to a website where I can find it please. :)

  4. Lacey Mallow

    hi i really want to find that dress with the cow girl boots for my prom in three weeks would you be able to tell me where i can find it the link i clicked on is disabled please get back to me as soon as possible

  5. Kels

    Hey, i looked at the link you posted about the dress. But the one at LaFemme has only silver rhinestones, yours has silver and bronze. Also, your rhinestones come down in the back and the one under the link did not. Did you request this when you ordered it? Im just wondering bc im in love with that dress and i reallyyyy want it!

  6. Janet

    I love the pic of the dress. Its excatly what i’ve been looking for however, when I went to the site I cant seems to find this dress. The part that I love is that the sequence goes past the waist.

  7. lacey

    i was wondering, in the pic w the cowgirl boots, where did you get the boots from? my friend is looking for a pair like that?

  8. Jenn

    The first picture belongs to Kayden Lee []
    You should probably give him credit for it.
    Thanks! :]

    1. the farmer's daughter Post author

      Thank you, Jenn. When I don’t credit a photo it’s usually because someone has emailed it to me and I don’t know the source. So happy to have this info. It’s been added!

  9. Kensley Phillips

    I love your site and your pictures. I am also from Texas and share alot of the same ideas and style. I was wondering though where you found the picture of the dress. I am in total love with it and would like to find it to buy for an upcoming event. If you could let me know any information about the dress I would be more than satifisfied! Thank you so much!!

    1. the farmer's daughter Post author

      Hey Kensley, thanks for your kind words! I found the dress that I believe is pictured above in a variety of colors from LaFemme. I added a link to the post… and right now it looks like it’s priced at a rediculous discount. Good luck, and come back soon!

      1. Krisitna

        Hi, I know this post was last year, but i am absolutely in love and obsessed with this dress. I was wondering if you could help me find it because the site you posted is now disabled. Gorgeous photos by the way !

    2. Sally Althaus

      Hi! I’m really interested in the dress and was just wondering if someone could link me somewhere to buy it! Would be muchly appreciated!


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