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texas farmers daughter_Alison Bills

It’s true. I’m the farmer’s daughter, born and raised on some of the most beautiful land in West Texas. I was the fourth generation on the farm and it has a piece of my soul and so many of the best places in my heart. It was a piece of me.

I’m a lucky girl with adorable kids, an incredible husband, great friends, a supportive family and so, so much for which to be thankful.

I love the sunshine and being outdoors and I’m drawn to people who appreciate the same. I love chocolate, coffee, wine and adrenaline — sometimes all at once. While living in the city and working in my dream career, I always hoped to have a family of my own and raise them the way I was raised… in a small town with good values, and lots of space to explore, appreciate nature and be a kid. And that’s just what we did… we are now proud to call Texas Hill Country home! We are new parents, taking each day as it comes, but oh so thankful for this beautiful life.

P.S. All content on my site is mine unless I’ve credited otherwise, but if I’ve missed something, please let me know! I’ve shared and re-posted some of my favorite things online in the most complimentary fashion with no intention for taking credit for anything that’s not original. In the same token, feel free to link to my blog or use my photos, but remember to give credit where credit is due!

Me on the farm with my first puppy

Me on the farm with my first puppy, CutiePie.  1980-something.  Sweet romper, huh??

9 thoughts on “About the farmer’s daughter

  1. Lori Becker

    Hi. My name is Lori Becker. I recently saw a post on your Pinterest page that showed hardwood floors I absolutely love!!! We are redoing our house and I am wondering what floor that is or called? If you can please email me back as soon as you can I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you so much!

  2. Sandra Hicks

    I actually LOVE the romper….my daughter wore the heck out of these when she was a little girl (born 1979). Brings back beautiful memories!!! Love your site. One of my favorites. I had first cousins that grew up in west texas and now my son works out there often!!

  3. MaKenna Pembleton

    I loved your cowboy chic dress at the top of your blog! I am looking for a prom dress and I am in love with that one! I went to the website you sited, but I cannot find the identical dress? HELP!(:


    1. the farmer's daughter

      Hi MaKenna, That site is the only reference I know of, so I suggest giving them a call and seeing if others are available. Good luck!

  4. Lori Lindgren

    Do you know who’s picture that is of the girl in the cowboy boot’s, sequins top with cream flowing skirt?


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