A Gorgeous Herb Garden

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We’ve been planting away this spring, getting a humble little herb garden planted before the summer heat arrives (surprise, it’s here! Today will be 102!), hoping that having fresh foods at our fingertips will inspire some more healthful eating. Tomatoes are popping, mint and basil are growing like weeds, and I can’t wait to start cooking up some of this garden fresh goodness.

budding tomato plant in the garden

Below are some of my favorite finds for a dream herb garden. (And I say “dream” herb garden, because let’s be honest – the gardening that happens at my house ends with dirt in my hair, and usually involves an old recycled plastic ice cream gallon bucket being used to tote my rusty garden tools around.)  But again, a girl can dream…

wooden herb garden tags

Handmade wooden herb garden  plant tags from Mile Nine.

blacksmithing gardening hand tools set

Heirloom-quality gardening hand tool set from Fisher Blacksmithing.

rustic watering can

Decorative rustic watering can from Haven Vintage.

table manners burlap placemats

Table manners burlap place mats from One Kings Lane.

rustic red garden birdhouse

Rustic handmade birdhouse from Bacon Square Farm.

brookstone copper hose pot and lid

 Copper pot and lid for hiding the garden hose from Brookstone.

kitchen herb mill

Kitchen hand herb mill from Master Gardening.

wooden vegetable carrying crate

Wooden vegetable carrying crate from Meriwether of Montana.

2 thoughts on “A Gorgeous Herb Garden

  1. Deja Engel

    This is a lovely collection of items! Also, thanks so much for including our plant markers. I enjoyed reading your blog… it’s very beautiful and I love your style.


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