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Whiskey Gets Frisky

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Whiskey has undoubtedly grown in popularity over recent months, even causing a shortage at some distilleries who are struggling to meet the demand. Maybe it’s that damn Fireball that always insists on making an appearance after midnight? Or perhaps it’s due to the new emphasis and loyalty to local and artisanal foods that has sparked this revived interest in the spirit.

“We are making more bourbon every day. Our warehouses are filling up with new barrels.
Waiting for the bourbon to come of age is the hard part,” said Kris Comstock, bourbon marketing director, at Buffalo Trace Distillery back in May 2013. “We just ask our fans to remember, aging good bourbon takes time, and we’re doing our best to keep up.”

Check out this cool infographic below for some whiskey facts, such as:

  • Whiskey is basically beer that has been distilled 2-3 times
  • A good bottle of whiskey could last up to 100 years without losing its taste

Facts About Whiskey