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Front Porch Sittin’

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We didn’t have a front porch growing up… our views were in the back, where we could see  row after row of pecan trees, and farm land for miles. Even now as an adult in my own home, our porch is non-existent, more like a front step with a wall to hang the doorbell…

So these days I dream of having that front porch some day, with the swing, the lemonade, the friends gathered, and the well-behaved hound dog who snores quietly on the steps (well I guess that’s one thing I have already. Check!).

Below are a few inspirations to hold me over for that “someday” porch.

front porch photographyPhoto from Beautiful South; by Derek Swalwell photography.

front door lemon wreath, pennant flags, front porch swing Lemon wreath from ; pennant from ; country porch swing photography by ; front porch swing lemonade candle from truetexasscents.

charming shabby chic birdhouse

Birdhouse and tea cups photography by .

nostalgic photograph front porch milk carton

Nostalgic milk crate on the front porch photography by TheCrookedCamera.

“No front porches. My uncle says there used to be front porches. And people sat there sometimes at night, talking when they wanted to talk, rocking, and not talking when they didn’t want to talk. Sometimes they just sat there and thought about things, turned things over. My uncle says the architects got rid of the front porches because they didn’t look well. But my uncle says that was merely rationalizing it; the real reason, hidden underneath, might be they didn’t want people sitting like that, doing nothing, rocking, talking; that was the wrong KIND of social life. People talked too much. And they had time to think. So they ran off with the porches.”

Ray BradburyFahrenheit 451

front porch sticker - girl sitting on the front porch

Front porch rules sticker by GirlyMommaDecals; yellow chevron straws from AisforApronStrings. Continue reading

What’s In Your Dog’s Food

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dogs at the river - nutritious dog food

Every time I hit the bottom of the dog food bag I head to Petsmart or Costco, and start reading through the labels… I check my phone for recalls, look to see how high corn is listed on the ingredients list and try to figure out how much of the necessary protein and nutrients my pups would be getting from each brand.

Spring Naturals provided these tips for deciphering and demystifying dog food nutrition labels to choose the best food for your dog, and they’re super helpful.
Here’s what they recommend:

1.    Determining what YOUR dog needs
Just like people, pets’ nutritional needs aren’t always the same. Monitor your dog’s general condition and temperament and take note of any variations in her daily routine. Is your dog sick, stressed, or prone to digestive problems? Be sure to bring these symptoms to your veterinarian’s attention and find out if a change in diet could alleviate them. Then, if you decide to make the switch to a different brand, mix the new food in gradually larger proportions to your dog’s current diet over the first six to seven days.

2.    Protein is the priority
Make sure the first ingredient is meat. Red meat, poultry and fish are packed with an abundance of protein which dogs require daily to thrive. When reviewing ingredients, it’s important to know that the way ingredients are listed directly correlates to how much is included in the recipe. So make sure meat and other healthy ingredients are listed at the top.
** And remember, corn, potato, soy, cottonseed hulls, peanut hulls, and grains are all considered inexpensive “fillers.” Continue reading

Beautiful Barn Wedding

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barn wedding - rustic wedding with antiques

We traveled to Nebraska recently to celebrate the marriage of our dear friends, and enjoyed the ultimate barn wedding in one of the prettiest settings I could imagine. With antiques from the bride’s grandmother’s basement combined with the rustic treasures already adorning this charming old barn, this beautiful bride’s vision came together as a memorable, romantic evening. As you can see from the pic above with the dark clouds rolling in, this couple got the extra luck of rain on their wedding day, and our warmest wishes are with them as they start their new life together!

Rustic wedding on nebraska farm - vintage wedding decor

rustic nebraska wedding scenery

rustic wedding on Nebraska farm

rustic wedding on Nebraska farm

In place of rice or birdseed, guests tossed a mixture of dried rose petals and lavendar as the bride and groom left the ceremony.

Rustic wedding on nebraska farm - vintage wedding decor

The bride thought of everything, including a vintage chandelier that hung overhead as the two exchanged their vows.

Rustic wedding on nebraska farm - vintage wedding decor

barn wedding - rustic wedding with antiques

Rustic wedding on nebraska farm - vintage wedding decor Continue reading

Typography & Lettering

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With some of the gorgeous typography available today, comes the revival of the once-lost art of hand lettering. Together, they’re creating loads of visual inspiration that plaster Pinterest and beyond.

Here are some of my favorites!

Typography and hand lettering - we go together like bicuits and tea

Hand Lettering – We Go Together Like Biscuits & Tea from Steph Says Hello.

typography poster - you can go your own way

Typography poster – You Can Go Your Own Way from fieldtrip.

Hand lettering Print - Amazing Grace How Sweet the Sound


Hand lettering Print – Amazing Grace How Sweet the Sound by Fancy That Design House.

typography poster - later rinse repeat

Typography poster – Lather, Rinse, Repeat from the Happy Letter Shop. Continue reading