Monthly Archives: December 2012

Amazing Vintage Ads

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Ahh the good ol’ days! When neither the cigarettes nor the advertising companies had a filter. These are fantastic!

funny vintage ads - smoking cigarettes blow in her face

Smokers of America, do yourself a favor. Make your next cigarette a Tipalet.

funny vintage ads - lady opening ketchup

Del Monte Ketchup – a new top that’s so easy to open, a woman can do it.  Yay!

funny vintage ads - wife gets vacuum for Christmas Hoover

Vintage Hoover print ad

funny vintage ads - sexy secretaries

I thought this was a nail polish ad! Nope, just a typewriter that keeps your hands pretty. Continue reading

Rustic Christmas Treasures

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This year has brought a lot of creativity and inspiration, one of which has been the ability to find beauty in the rustic old things we normally wouldn’t have given a second glance. Check out these pretty, perfectly rustic Christmas finds.

Christmas wreath with bells

Christmas wreath with hand-wrapped yarn and burlap from WreathHavoc.

rustic white church christmas decoration

Little white church holiday decoration from TFD on Etsy.

rustic burlap christmas stocking made from coffee sack

Gorgeous rustic burlap Christmas stockings handmade from genuine coffee sacks by Michelle Fritz on Make.

rustic christmas tree decorations

Rustic Christmas trees is perfect for western or shabby chic holiday decor from TFD on Etsy.