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Everyday Neon

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Colorful matches photography

Colorful matches photography by SarcasmSpeaks

neon abstract oil painting

Neon abstract oil painting from MM’s Abstract Art

gorgeous colorful grapes

Gorgeous colorful grapes photography by deboraaplante100Neon yellow clamper bracelet with rhinestones from FULHAM jewelry

handmade vintage afghan with neon chevron print

Handmade vintage afghan with neon chevron print by Used & Abused

Neon friendship bracelet with goldplated nuggets

Neon friendship bracelet with gold-plated nuggets by For Amelie

Neon Paper Circle Garland

Neon Paper Circle Garland by HookedonArtsNCrafts

neon yellow heels

Neon heels by Suecomma Bonnie on The Glitter Guide

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A Maroon Wall

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Very proud to be a Texan…

Earlier this month hundreds of students from Texas A&M gathered to take a stand against hate and anti-war protesters. Together, in true Aggie spirit, they formed a human wall (a maroon wall, to be exact) around the funeral service of a soldier to protect his family from a planned protest by Westboro Baptist Church members, a group that regularly stages protests around the country.

maroon wall of students protects solders family from protesters

The family of Lt. Col. Tisdale made an addition to his oituary post-service:

As of the afternoon of July 5, 2012, it can be added that Lt. Col. Roy Lin Tisdale, Texas Aggie Class of ’92, is survived by the Maroon Wall, a tribute symbolic of the love, respect and honor of former students for their fellow Aggie. No better example can be found of just what it means to be part of the Texas Aggie family. The most powerful statement of all against hate was made, in complete, reverent silence.